Adobe Photoshop

About the course

By the end of the course you will know how to deep-etch, manipulate, retouch and edit images. This will include removing photo imperfections, improve brightness and contrast, and changing the colour of all or part of a photo. Additionally you will learn how to crop or scale a photo, as well as how to use clone tools and layers to blend or superimpose one photo onto another to create a new image. Additionally you will learn how to best optimise your photo for web and print.

At the completion of this course you should be able to:

  • work with the Photoshop workspace
  • navigate images
  • resize and crop images
  • make and work with selections
  • create new layers and perform other basic layer functions
  • transform images
  • make various colour corrections
  • use various retouching and repairing techniques to correct images
  • print, share and save your images in various formats


This course assumes no prior knowledge of Adobe Photoshop; however basic understanding of personal computer and Windows 7 or later is essential.

Delivery strategy

This course is delivered in a face to face trainer led environment using different methodologies including real life scenarios and practical demonstrations.

Further information

Should you require further information, please feel free to contact our enrolment officer on 02 96872072 or email at

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.