Language, literacy and numeracy assessment skills for trainers

Due to Coronavirus situation, as of April 1st 2020 this course will be delivered in virtual classroom via Video conferencing.

Important note for TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment holders - Please note that from 1st of July 2019, you must have TAEASS502 Design and develop assessment tools (or its successor), TAEASS502A or TAEASS502B and TAELLN411 Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills or (its successor) or TAELLN401A if you wish to continue to use your TAE40110 qualification for delivering training and assessment services. Please note that if you have a diploma or higher level qualification in adult education, you may not need to complete this course; however it is imperative that you consult with your employer to understand their requirement. Please copy and paste the following ASQA link on to your browser for further information:

Please note that this link may not be up to date if any changes are made by ASQA; however, the college will update the link as soon as such changes are identified.

Before you enrol into this course, please see if you already hold TAELLN401A and if yes, you don’t need to do TAELLN411 as the current version is equivalent to the obsolete version. If you identify that after enrolment, you may not receive a refund. Please download the Flowchart of eligibility for TAE40110 update available at the bottom of this page to further help you with making the right decision.

About the course

Do you need to have the skills and knowledge to recognise core language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) demands when training and assessing? Can you tailor training and assessment to suit individuals' skill levels, including accessing relevant support resources? In this accredited course you will learn to determine the core LLN requirements of training, including those of the training specifications, the training context as well as the skills of learners. You will also learn how to access an LLN specialist and how to customise a vocational learning program to enable the development of core LLN skills.

The unit covers -

Analyse LLN requirements
1.1 Determine LLN skill requirements of the training specification
1.2 Identify and analyse the LLN skill requirements essential to workplace performance
1.3 Determine the LLN skills of the learner group from validated tools and other sources

Select and use resources and strategies to address LLN skill requirements
2.1 Identify resources to support LLN skill development
2.2 Use learning and assessment materials to support identified LLN requirements, customising where necessary
2.3 Apply learning support strategies in training delivery appropriate to LLN requirements and learner group
2.4 Determine assessment strategies appropriate to LLN requirements and learner group

Use specialist LLN support where required
3.13.1 Review course demands and learner profile to determine if specialist LLN support is required
3.2 Access specialist LLN support where available
3.3 Integrate specialist LLN support into training or assessment practice where required

Evaluate effectiveness of learning support and assessment strategies in addressing LLN requirements
4.1 Seek feedback on learning support provided and assessment strategies used
4.2 Evaluate learning support and assessment strategies used
4.3 Determine areas for improvement based on evaluation

Delivery strategies

Due to Coronavirus situation, as of 1st of April 2020 this course will be delivered in in a virtual classroom environment via video conferencing led by a qualified and industry experienced trainer. Learning methods will include face to face lecture via video conference, case studies, demonstrations, questions and answers. 10 – 15 hours per week of practice and practical study is expected. We will supply Australian core skills framework booklets and a USB with training and assessment materials.

Assessment strategies

Assessment will be conducted in both formative and summative way through the following strategies:

  • Participation in various activities; group activities, presentations, demonstrations, scenarios, practical, simulations and problem solving activities.
  • Participation in questionnaires/exercises for the module (pre, mid and post topic)

Skills must be demonstrated with real vocational learners, not fictitious students. Please note that significant work needs to be done outside of the course and in the context of your own employment environment. Candidates will be assessed on agreed tasks that demonstrate the aspects below:

  • Use tools to identify the LLN skill requirements (reading, writing, speaking, listening and numeracy) of the training specification and/or assessment process relevant to vocational delivery
  • use various sources to gather information on the current LLN skills of a learner group
  • identify available sources of support to address at least two of the identified LLN skill needs of the learner group
  • customise and use at least two learning resources to address LLN requirements
  • select, use and review at least two instructional strategies that directly address the identified LLN needs of the learner group
  • use advice from specialist LLN practitioners to inform practice
  • select, use and review at least two assessment strategies that cater for the identified LLN needs of the learner group
  • determine areas for improvement of own practice

Please note assessments for this course involve significant work both during and after the sessions. You will have maximum of two attempts to submit your assessments. If you are considered Not Yet Competent after the second submission with significant gaps prevailing in your submissions, you may be asked to re-enroll into the course.

On successful completion of all assessments a statement of attainment for TAELLN411 Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills will be issued from TAE10 Training Package. RPL is available if you can demonstrate required skills and knowledge through your current work experience or equivalent competency.

Need further information?

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Assessments are made against units of competency from the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE40116.
  • Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills (TAELLN411)

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