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Art Of The Narc

Do you suspect you are being emotionally or psychologically abused but nobody understands or believes you.

In your relationship do you constantly feel like you are going crazy, walking on eggshells, apologising, defending, being insulted, stuck in analysing every aspect of what is said and done due to the confusing toxic nature of the relationship.

Is your relationship constantly in a flux of make up break up, highs and lows of experiencing euphoria, devaluation then despair but doesn’t change, yet you can’t seem to leave.

Chances are that you could be in a relationship with a narcissist.

Going though Narcissistic abuse is the most devastating experience that anyone can go through in their life because it casts a shadow on every aspect of your life such as physical, emotional, psychological, biochemical and spiritual.

Narcissistic relationships happen to men and women, it can be any relationship such as a romantic partner, a parent, a sibling, a co -worker, a boss or a friend.

This course aims to help you understand what narcissism is and its prime aims.

It has been created to help you gain further clarity and insights into why you are stuck in the narcissistic abuse cycle so you can break free.

Following an introduction into narcissism the course will discuss, the techniques used by the narcissist, the dynamics and key fundamental elements contributing to the abuse cycle, how to break free, how to heal from the abuse and empower yourself so you can live the life you truly deserve.

What you will learn on this course.

·         What is narcissism.

·         What is the prime function of Narcissism for Narcissists.

·         Narcissistic Abuse: Signs and Effects such as gaslighting, love bombing, future faking, devaluing, hoovering and many more.

·         What is a Narcissistic Abuse Cycle & How Does It Work?

·         The Impact of the Narcissistic Abuse Cycle.

·         Healing from Narcissistic abuse

·         The Truth you need to know, accepting this frees you from the narcissist.

·         No contact strategy, how to do it and why it is important.

·         What effect narcissistic abuse has on the brain.

·         Key insights into the psychological and biochemical factors and why they are keeping you attached to the narcissist.

·         Trauma bonding

·         Addiction cycle and the co-dependency narcissistic relationships.

·         What does a healthy relationship look like.

·         Moving from victim to survivor, thriving and encouraging your new direction through empowerment.

Who would benefit from this course.

This course is for narcissistic abuse victims, abuse survivors, empaths and anyone who would like to further understand the basics of narcissist relationships.

Course outcome.

By the end of the course, you will be able have a better understanding of narcissism and its prime aims. You will further understand the signs and techniques of the narcissistic abuse cycle. You will gain insights into the psychological and biochemical core aspects playing a crucial role in why you are stuck and cannot break free from the dynamics of a Narcissistic abusive relationship.

You will learn new tools, techniques and knowledge that will allow you to start the healing process to recovery and freedom.

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Art Of The Narc

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<p>Do you suspect you are being emotionally or psychologically abused but nobody understands or believes you.</p>

<p>In your relationship do you constantly feel


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