Presenting with Confidence!

Learn to present confidently to groups, in team meetings, to new clients at work, as well as family and friends, with this public speaking course. This course will cover putting together a presentation at short notice, channelling nervous energy constructively to give impact to your presentation, making a connection with your audience and selling your ideas with persuasive power.

It happens to us all sooner or later that someone asks us to "say a few words: to open a meeting; to greet a guest or to sell a project idea to clients or colleagues. We know that it’s important and we want to do it well but just thinking about it makes us nervous. After completing this course you may wish to enrol in Stage 2.

Please do not enrol after the start date of this course.

Don’t just take our word on how much you will benefit from this course! See what student Jim Wu has to say about the course...

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.