Coffee Making - Barista Skills

Please be aware this course is held at Coffee Galleria.

Work as a barista. This course covers all basic espresso coffee making techniques. Designed to teach individuals the art of making the perfect espresso. Fantastic for beginners with plenty of one on one teaching. Great for the experienced Barista who wants to learn “How not to take short Cuts” and sharpen their skills. Delivered by experienced trained industry professionals. Practical hands on training. No Concession. Please note: As this is a 1 day workshop, you cannot enrol on the day of the course. No Concession.

Coffee Galleria Single Origins:
Coffee Galleria provides coffee from all over the world, which is roasted daily to guarantee freshness. Coffee Galleria offers customers an extensive range of cafe accessories available to assist you in marketing and increasing customer awareness. Below is a list of some of Coffee Galleria single origins.

Brazil Monte Alegre Arabica Natural: This coffee has full body, low acid and produces exceptional bittersweet and chocolate roast tastes.

Columbian Bachue Supremo Coffee: Smooth, rich, silky texture with low acidity.

Elephant Hills Indian Cherry AA Coffee: It is a full body coffee with a good aromatic acidity. It has a sweet, citrus and cardamom aroma.

Nicaragua La Bastilla Coffee: It has well rounded with undertones of caramel and almonds.

Peru HB MCM Organic Coffee: It is a mild coffee, with light barely noticeable delicate acidity.

Bali Shinza Coffee: It is a classic, clean cup, low acidity, great body and mildness.

Mandhailing Coffee: Sumatra coffee is low in acidity and one of the most full-bodied coffees in world. Sumatra coffee has an earthy, syrupy body with sweet chocolaty notes.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee: 100% Jamaican Coffee is characterized having absolute balance with a full body, sparkling aroma, bright acidity, and a silky smooth, slightly sweet flavor.

PNG Organic A/X: PNG Coffee is a highly aromatic coffee and features silky smooth textures and chocolate notes. Its unique flavours are highlighted as a single origin roast.

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Course testimonials:

  • Course was very informative and the tutor did a great job at showing and explaining the practical side of coffee making.
  • The gentleman who ran the course,was brilliant,patient and funny
  • The instructor was very informative and passionate about coffee. It helps he was cultured in the hospitality environment and he was very helpful teaching the basics of what it takes being a coffee barista. He has taught me things I've never would've guessed and now I can't look at coffee the same again because there's so much to learn and I'm actually looking forward to honing in the experience I've gained from going to this course.