Languages - Japanese Stage 1 Parramatta College

Languages - Japanese Stage 1

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You will learn simple conversational Japanese and cultural introductions, including mastering the basic sounds in Japanese pronunciation. Great course for business travellers or for those working in the hospitality and tourism industries, for leisure travellers and those wishing to communicate better with relatives and friends. At the end of this course, you will have a simple structure of the Japanese language and be able to ask for directions, services and places of interest.

• Begin learning hiragana
• Greetings
• Self-introductions
• Numbers
• Asking and telling the time
• Ordering and asking price
• Basic directions
• Finish learning hiragana
• Showing possession
• Asking about directions and locations
• Expressing actions
• Past, negative, and past negative tense

• Develop a simple structure of the Japanese language.
• Be able to say simple greetings and introduce yourself.
• Have a basic understanding of how to ask for directions, the time, and the price of products.
• Further advance the structure of your sentences.
• Be able to express actions
• Establish a basic understanding of past, negative and past negative tense.

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Languages - Japanese Stage 1

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Course testimonials:

  • Great course with super friendly and knowledgeable tutor. Small class and zoom sessions made the course so much easier.
  • Wonderful teacher Challenging but fun
  • The tutor, Kari Yu San was fantastic. Tutor encouraged participation and helped to improve pronunciation. The course was well paced. I think the zoom based class is a good medium for language classes than face to face classes where everyone has equal chance to participate (not the front row back row thing). Perhaps for advanced classes when people can interact on the language it may be useful to have face to face lessons. The course material and exercises was good. This course and tutor will definitely lead the student in the right path for learning Japanese as long as the student is also willing to also put in some time and effort outside the class. All in all a recommended class..