Ukulele - Introduction

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In this short workshop learn how to play ukulele! This highly portable and relatively inexpensive instrument has proved popular since the 1920s when it was associated with the early jazz movement. Our workshop is designed to take students who previously have had little or no exposure to playing the ukulele, and give you the ability and confidence to play simple tunes with the knowledge and skills to continue learning at your own pace.

Please bring your own ukulele.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Course testimonials:

  • Great teacher and class So much fun Wish there would be a follow up, I'd go weekly!
  • I enjoyed the small class and slow pace. This class needs a follow up, and a more regular series of classes, though so we can progress our ukulele lessons.
  • Phil was friendly and approachable. Good sound knowledge of Ukele basics to share with a group who had never picked up an instrument before. He displayed patience and kindness to patience to all students.